Beginner Tips

Q. So what are the trails at the USNWC like?

The trail is approximately three feet wide, but sometimes wider in certain sections. The primary surface is dirt. There are some roots, rocks, leaves and pine needles throughout the trail.

Q. Is this race for advanced trail runners only?

Nope. The CRC Trail Race is for runners of ALL abilities who are looking for something different than a typical road race.

Q. Will there be any training runs?

We're bringing training runs back this year! All runs will begin at 9:00am and all runners are welcome. You do not need to register. It is a ‘show and go’ event – just meet at the pavilion.

Training run dates:
Sunday, December 16th
Sunday, December 30th
Sunday January 13th

Q. What kind of shoes should people wear?

Both road and trail running shoes will work great.

Q. Got safety tips for people who are worried about spraining their ankle?

Some tips to help prevent a fall or ankle roll are: 1. Make sure you leave plenty of space between you and person ahead of you so you can see the ground in front of you. This will allow you to spot roots, rocks, stumps, ruts etc. and be able to avoid them. 2. Don't shuffle your feet. 3. Keep your eyes on the trail about 3-4 feet ahead of you to spot any obstacles. 4. Take it easy on the downhills.

Q. How exactly do people pass each other on the trail? What's the proper etiquette?

The best way to pass is to let the runner in front of you know that you would like to pass by saying "on your left," or "on your right," or "can I pass when you get a chance?"

Q. How much slower should the average runner expect to cover a mile as compared to their pace on roads?

This depends on the skill level of the runner and the difficulty of the course. I would guess at our race you would run about one minute per mile slower.

Q. Are the distances exactly 4, 9 and 13 miles?

No, the distances are approximate. Unlike road races, there are less routes to take in a trail system, and at the U.S. National Whitewater Center, there are only a few places to enter and exit the trails. We feel like the routes that we chose will give participants varying distances to choose from and allow them to experience many aspects of the great trail system at the USNWC.

Q. Can people walk the race?

Participants can walk but there is a cut off time of three hours for all racers.

Q. Do participants have to pay the $6 parking fee at the Whitewater Center?

Yes. The $6 parking fee is charged by the USNWC. The revenue from the parking fees at the USNWC go directly to the upkeep and maintenance of the trails. Parking passes are available for purchase on-site or online.

Q. What if it rains?

Rain or shine, we will hold the event. If, however, there is significant rain before and/or during the race that cause the trails to be too treacherous to run, the event will be canceled.

Q. If I have other questions, whom should I contact?

Submit any questions regarding the race to:
2019 Runners of Tomorrow - Let Me Run & Girls on The Run
Goal: $500
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